Flash back to trippy daze: Juicy J x Show Out.

I’ve met plenty of dope people in the last couple months since I’ve started traveling around the United States. People everywhere are super down to talk about whatever and also hear about what I’ve been doing with Glass Duffle and it’s been incredibly refreshing. So many cool people literally everywhere I go… so I hope none take this personally: meeting Juicy J has been the best introduction yet.

Back in January, I had the opportunity, nay! the HONOR, to go to Los Angeles and be on-set for a Juicy J video shoot. The homie Max (who is now Juicy’s documentarian, ha!) got called out to help with the production of “Show Out,” Juicy’s lead single off his upcoming solo album and of course I tagged along. How could I not? Juicy J was easily one of the top 3 most played artists of my last year at Ohio University. His mixtape “Blue Dream and Lean” was basically the soundtrack for what would be the wildest and thus far best year of my life. And yes, I let him know this… in the bathroom… but I don’t think he was pissed ’bout it.

Thankfully, Juicy J was pretty much precisely how I imagined he would be: awesome. If you told me a year ago that I’d start my 2013 snapping pictures of Juicy J, bottles of gin and models wall-to-wall, I’d have told you that you were out of your gourd.

The video also turned out extremely fresh and you know I’ll be copping “Stay Trippy” when it drops. Here’s the final cut of “Show Out” featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy, directed by the dude Frank Paladino and featuring some camera work from Max.

Good times, good times. Anyway, I’ll be kicking it in Austin, TX all weekend for SXSW and hopefully into next week (anybody got an extra bed?), getting my network on, enjoying this amazing city and its hearty food culture and also putting together a video for Crowdtap and their shindig on Sunday night. I’ve been pretty much overwhelmed with how awesome of a city Austin is and I’m excited to do more exploring/eating.

Speaking of networking and exploring, on the train ride from LA to Austin, I had the chance to link up with Connor Meakin, a community manager over at HootSuite! We talked for a while, I told him about Glass Duffle and what I was trying to do, and he ended up doing a little interview on it all for his piece on HootSuite’s blog.

I will be consuming myself with Austin for the next few days and a couple projects I have going on for SXSW, so keep up with what’s going on by following me on Twitter/Instagram and don’t forget to check out the Glass Duffle Facebook page for all that goodness.

Author: Eric White

Eric graduated Ohio University in 2012 with a degree in Advertising and immediately went out to San Diego, California to start not using his degree. At the start of 2013, Eric quit his job, let his lease run out and started backpacking North America. Eric has worked with Amtrak, Crowdtap, HootSuite and others, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA... when not on the road.

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