Glass Duffle Does Desert Hearts Spring Festival 2015 <3

Back at the turn of the new year, I alluded to a very special occasion that would be coming in the spring of 2015: Desert Hearts Spring 2015 Festival. This event is particularly meaningful because all three contributors to the Duff will be frolicking around in the sands non-stopped, GoPro’s ablazin’, getting footage for the official recap video. James Earl Joint aka Final Cut Luchador aka Eric White will lead the charge per usual, directing and ultimately editing the footage. In case you’ve missed it, Eric has been regularly choppin’ it up with the inspirational crew over at Desert Hearts. He’s been at the forefront in shooting and editing numerous videos on their behalf, including stops at BPM festival, City Hearts, and Subtract on the Pier. We salute you, JEJ. Give him some love over on Facebook and Vimeo.

Our own Wes R. Kasik will be providing quality support as he did during Desert Hearts’ 2 Year Anniversary Festival.  He’s been minting his craft over on his YouTube channel while continuously dropping slick edits on his Instagram page. Me? I’ll be filling in wherever my two highly skilled colleagues deem necessary. It’s their show; I’m just here for the lulz. And the beats. And the love. Et al…So keep your eyes peeled for this vid to drop some time later this spring!

So, in order to prepare for the occasion, I’ve been fasting and working out and starting yoga with my sensai @ITYOGACBUS. Also… I’ve been putting together two mixes with those artists spinning at the festival next week. As was the case with our Top Tracks of 2014, artists not uploaded to Spotify are in included in the Soundcloud playlist. Let’s do this.



Author: Nick Battaglia

Nick is a human being who spends an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what he should be doing, instead of just doing; he hopes to change that in his new venture with Glass Duffle. Proud alumnus of Ohio University in 2011, Nick is currently situated in Columbus, 77.5 miles northwest of his beloved alma mater, according to Google Maps.

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