Old Tucson: Taking a Bulleit for Family p.2

My Dad is a big fan of the Old West and its unique culture. His Dad was basically a cowboy. It’s no surprise that we make an effort each time we’re in Arizona to do something involving revolvers, cowboy boots, Doc Holliday or any combination of the three. Here are ten shots from our visit to Old Tucson Studios.

old tucson bourbon


Old Tucson sign


Old Tucson saloon


Old Tucson hotel


Old Tucson taxidermy


Old Tucson cowboy


Old Tucson saloon


Old Tucson jon wayne


Old Tucson mine


Old Tucson studios

 The day started with bright morning views from Interstate 10 and a hike on familiar ground. It ended in a flurry of imaginary shoot outs with a five-year-old having the time of his life, more alcohol than should be consumed at a tourist attraction and and an emergency roadside moment with nature on the way home.

To say I enjoyed our time in Arizona would be a vast understatement. More importantly, to me, is that it seemed to have made the same type of impact on everyone involved. Every cousin beamed in each other’s company, all of Dad’s siblings fit together like a puzzle left unfinished for 30 years. It was a joy to be a part of. I can’t wait till we do it again.


Author: Wes R. Kasik

A life-long resident of Ohio, Wes relocated to sunny San Diego at the end of 2015 to find himself, challenge himself, freelance, and every other cliche a creative person could use as motivation to drive more than fifty hours across the country with their possesions perilously in tow. He has never been happier.

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