Planning ahead and briefly looking back.

It’s crazy how things work out in life sometimes! In my first post, I mentioned how plans had changed drastically for me in regards to this site and my immediate future. Basically, Glass Duffle moved from a joint endeavor with a college buddy into a solo project as a result of the homie Max Rodriguez being presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… And while the decision to focus on our own projects hasn’t changed, our next moves surely have.

Max got the job and while I won’t get into details about what it is just yet, I will say that the next video pieces he produces will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people across the world! Pretty heavy, right? More on those details later.

Anyway, Max’s new job requires him to be out in Los Angeles and since I would personally like to have a place to call “base” (preferably in California) we’re going to be landing a spot together out California-way where we can each focus on our respective projects while still allowing the creative pingpong that started weeks ago to continue impacting the way both of us work and create.

So, while we plan our move to Los Angeles, which will hopefully be in full effect next week, I wanted to take some time to look back on where I’ve been in the last 8 months or so.

I graduated Ohio University in Athens, OH in June 2012 and didn’t waste anytime heading out to San Diego, CA the following month. “Why San Diego?” you may be asking. Well, in 2011 I visited San Diego for the first time with the Ohio University Advertising Association, fell in love with the city and knew that my future had to go through there. I booked a ticket, flew out there on July 1st, found a place to live and then returned home to Pittsburgh, PA to grab my car and made the long drive back out to the west coast.

East-to-West Coast Route

Some of the highlights of that first trip were getting to see the Rocky Mountains, driving through the otherworldly Utah landscape and of course, arriving to San Diego with everything except the road still in front of me!

In San Diego, CA, I ended up finding a job as a writer for a few travel websites and was eventually promoted to editor of the Las Vegas bunch; a total of 4 sites. Maybe it was the contrast between the amount each site was making and how much little I was making or the fact that San Diego continually teased me with beautiful weather while I had to sit inside all day, but I eventually got tired of that job and needed change. I needed to make money and live life on my own terms. Max came out to San Diego for a few weeks, we planned out Glass Duffle and decided to head back to Charlotte, NC to get things started.

While Max ended up taking a flight from Cali to North Carolina, I opted to drive my car cross country one more time as a last hoorah before I sold her for some extra cash. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might recognize the hashtag “#VeronicasLastMeal”, an homage to my cars final journey.

My trip back to the east coast took me through the southern states and even along a slow, windy road northward through a National Park in Arizona, Highway 191. Arguably one of the coolest drives I’ve ever taken, Highway 191 also made me really, extremely frustrated. If you look at it on the map, you’ll see it’s quite curvy and in fact there are long stretches where the speed limit is 25 MPH. And sometimes that even felt a little dangerous.

West-to-East Coast Route

You’ll notice I briefly stopped in Ohio where I visited my alma mater, hung out with old friends and got properly inebriated for a couple days. Then it was off to Charlotte, North Carolina to complete my second cross country road trip. Without a doubt, Highway 191 headed north in Arizona was my favorite part of the drive this time, though I barely had the energy to enjoy it. Driving 2,400+ miles alone in just a few days is EXHAUSTING.

Next stop: Los Angeles, California! Follow along and keep up-to-date on my travels by liking the Glass Duffle Facebook page!

Author: Eric White

Eric graduated Ohio University in 2012 with a degree in Advertising and immediately went out to San Diego, California to start not using his degree. At the start of 2013, Eric quit his job, let his lease run out and started backpacking North America. Eric has worked with Amtrak, Crowdtap, HootSuite and others, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA... when not on the road.

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