Positivity and Transparency are now on Google+.

It’s common for the “new kid” in any school to be socially shut-out for a period of time. This was common practice at my elementary school. I think back on this period with heavy regret. Not a sad regret, but a regret that comes with a smile and shake of the head. This is because most of the “new kids” at my school were eastern European girls, who are, fifteen years later, mostly supermodels. They had names I could not pronounce and I had dyed blonde hair only on top. I couldn’t be bothered at the time. I don’t foresee Google+ being a supermodel of the web any time soon, but the exclusion thing I mentioned has been happening with Google+ since its launch in 2011. People have been largely hesitant to experiment with the still new social network. A small percentage of the people I know are active on it, but why? Who the hell knows. Ask Google. But seriously, I don’t know. I don’t aim to solve one of Google’s biggest problems with this post. I do, however, intend to introduce a feature within Google+ that we think you could benefit from immediately.

how do I get there?

Google+ is fairly easy to set-up if you haven’t accidentally done so already. Pull up a Google search and click “+You”on the top right to enter the G+ environment. Fill in any information that Google doesn’t already know about you. At this point, most of us have built a social profile or twelve, this step could reasonably be done in your sleep.


The easiest comparison for communities are Facebook groups. Groups in Facebook are one of two things. They are one person shoveling content to a huge audience -or- a small clique, conversing in private. G+ communities are massive group-thinks, consisting of passionate and engaging people from all over the world. They are monitored for spam and advertising is mostly discouraged. Whether it’s cooking, traveling, photography, or the great outdoors, G+ is where the “tuned in” go to seek the very best shit.

Positivity and Transparency are now on Google+

We invite you to join our community! Positivity + Transparency. If you checked out any of the communities linked above, you have an idea of what to expect. No community currently exists on G+ with this or a similar theme! We can drive this conversation and create a swirling pool of positive thinking. We aim to encourage sharing of stories, photos, videos, quotes, songs, .gifs, splifs, and whatever makes a person smile. Positivity and Transparency are now on Google+. From here, your involvement is up to you. Check the box to receive emails when anyone posts to the community, not an unreasonable option considering the still small member list. Visit every few days or once a week for a dose of sunshine when needed. Or, contribute your own favorite positively charged vibes to the discussion, as much or as little as you’d like. Who knows, Google+ could take off. We could have the opportunity to shape the global conversion on positivity. Be part of a movement! We often talk about the practice of becoming a more positive person; now we’re free to practice together, as a team! Practices will be held here, you can come and go as you like.

Positivity and Transparency are now on Google+


Author: Wes R. Kasik

A life-long resident of Ohio, Wes relocated to sunny San Diego at the end of 2015 to find himself, challenge himself, freelance, and every other cliche a creative person could use as motivation to drive more than fifty hours across the country with their possesions perilously in tow. He has never been happier.

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