Social Media Vibes – Finding Positivity on Instagram

Social media is as big a part of our lives as we choose to make it. Some people (like me) glance at their phone on an hourly basis. Some people will flip through their Twitter feed once a week as if it were the Sunday paper. Either way, you are getting something out of it, even if your only intent was to kill a bit of time.

The more you use your accounts, the more finely tuned they are to your tastes. I use Instagram as an escape, where breathtaking visuals are just a few taps of glass away at any given moment. There are some wonderful storytellers on IG, inserting yourself into their environment, even for a moment or two, can be just the thing needed to shake a negatively charged state-of-being. Without further ado, I’d like to recommend four Instagramers that I particularly enjoy following. These accounts contribute to my daily intake of inspiration and positivity in ways their owners could never imagine. For that, I thank them.

Glass Duffle Recommended Instagram Users

recommended instagram users ed drosteEd Droste – 673, 194 followers

Chances are, you already follow Ed. I almost wrote, “my dear friend Ed” in that first sentence… That should give you a good idea of how I feel about him and his IG account. He brings the realness, seems like a total win of a guy and has a sneaky good eye for composition and irony while arranging his seemingly spontaneous shots. The best part? You’d never know he was the lead vocalist of Grizzly Bear.



recommended instagram users soft circleHisham A. Bharoocha  53,690 followers

Hisham curates my all-time favorite Instagram feed. An extremely talented artist in a number of different practices, he manages to make his followers feel as though they are standing next to him on his adventures. A constant state of travel and creation keeps his story bright, interesting, and an absolute joy to follow.




recommended instagram users vision elieElie  15,243 followers

This dude is killing IG right now. Perfect use of movement, minimal graphics and a level of mystery make him my favorite new follow in the last few months. Urban exploration is prevalent online, Elie manages to provide a unique perspective while keeping it personal enough for followers to be curious about what’s going on behind the lens.




recommended instagram users alex mouchAlexander Mouch – 348 followers

“Mouch” is a friend of mine whom I met through mutual pals at Ohio University. Originally from Cincinnati, he now lives and works in Yellowstone National Park. His surroundings provide ample space to practice his craft. With it, he, personal friend or not, absolutely takes landscape photography to another level. There have been instances where I audibly gasp upon seeing his work. Words do it no justice, click. A great dude with an equally great eye.



If you follow us on Twitter, you may have read about some recent access issues involving our Instagram account. At the end of the day, the original account was laid to rest (R.I.P.). Today, a new one, @glass_duffle, lives and thrives thanks to a  selfless move by your favorite Los Angeles blogger. We encourage you to show us some of your favorite accounts by tagging us in their photos!



Author: Wes R. Kasik

A life-long resident of Ohio, Wes relocated to sunny San Diego at the end of 2015 to find himself, challenge himself, freelance, and every other cliche a creative person could use as motivation to drive more than fifty hours across the country with their possesions perilously in tow. He has never been happier.

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