SituPlaylist: Open road, closed doors, optimal thought.

Since this is my first post under the SituPlaylist theme, I thought I would preface it with just a quick blip about what the goal of these will be: I’d like to insert the reader into a situation and align a corresponding playlist that will deliver a crafty fit into that exact mindset. That being said, I realize music is hella subjective, and what I think might work for a certain moment could be absolute rubbish for somebody else. Alas, variety is the spice of life…

Here at Glass Duffle, you may have noticed we have a soft spot for The Road:  the one less traveled,  the open onethe road trip, you name it. Your boys are fond of the aura of it in life’s journey. And music and travel just seem to fit together ever so swimmingly.

Angeles National Forest

Sometimes the act of thinking can be arduous and exhausting. Shit, I’d venture to say it is the majority of the time. If you’re an anxious, over-analytical human being like yours truly, you might look for ways and avenues to maximize the thought process, whether it be in problem-solving, idea crafting, or brainstorming… the list goes on and you get the gist.

To carve out an ideal niche, if you will, to nestle into a well-and-good ponder session, I’ve found that traveling solo for a lengthier period of time with a perfect playlist can be the pinnacle solution for cogitation and inspiration.

Let’s address two main points:

So what constitutes a long drive? It’s vague and open to the individual, so I put in a bit of bias into the post and sculpted a playlist that would cover nearly to-the-minute drive I took many times, albeit more often with company than alone: the drive from Mentor, Ohio, my hometown, back down to paradise– Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.


How on Earth do you know what I like to think to, bro? Well, like I mentioned previously, I don’t… but here I am, trying nonetheless! The songs chosen in this playlist are heavily instrumental-based, for I’ve come to experience that sing-a-longs can detract from thought process and serve more as a distraction. This creates an atmosphere where one can truly zone in and  become their own masterful philosopher. I hope these emotive tunes weave themselves in your mind and free it up for some proper reflection.

So the next time you find yourself solo on the road, between departure and destination, hit the “Play” button below, get your inner this on, and let me know how it goes…

What kind of tunes do you feel you get your best thinking done to? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Author: Nick Battaglia

Nick is a human being who spends an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what he should be doing, instead of just doing; he hopes to change that in his new venture with Glass Duffle. Proud alumnus of Ohio University in 2011, Nick is currently situated in Columbus, 77.5 miles northwest of his beloved alma mater, according to Google Maps.

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  1. Another quality playlist my dude! I could see this being a great listen on my impending trip back east.

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  2. eric_dwhite  Thanks brotha. We look forward to your pending arrival

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