State Roads and Free Booze: 14 Southwest Road Trip Photos

The southwest US makes for phenomenal road trips. The road is wide open in that corner of the country. Speed limits tend to be higher… in fact I broke my land speed record on the trip! And the sights are a bit cookier.

southwest road trip route

There’s some really weird shit in the empty desert and it’s mind-boggling to imagine how different life must be there. For current residents sure, but especially the OG pioneers. The people we met along the way seemed to be enjoying the quiet life and I admire them for that. I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy myself for more than a few months living in the desert. Beach or mountains possibly, but the desert is a different beast.

This road trip was a dope one… even stopping for two nights in the very lowkey Marfa, Texas. Check out these 14 pictures from my southwest road trip between Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA and let me know if you recognize any of the locations!

southwest road trip car wash

Random car wash maybe 100 miles outside of Dallas, TX. The Cadillac was dirty but this place was closed, so instead Michelle and I copped some brisket nearby and went across town to a different car wash.


glasscock county texas road trip

And then through Glasscock County. Yes, Glasscock. Getting off of the interstate and onto the wide open Texas state roads was a great call. True road trip moments happen when you turn off Google Maps.


southwest railroad


county road southwest trip


texas backroad trip


open southwest road


cattle on southwest road trip


circle c liquors rankin texas

We stopped at Circle C Liquors in Rankin, Texas to pick up some booze and were greeted with some Irish liquor shots, Bailey’s and Jameson. Happy St Patty’s Day, indeed. Melinda, the owner of Circle C, advised us to stop for grub in Alpine as opposed to waiting until we got to Marfa. Good advice, since most everything was closed on the Monday night – Wednesday morning that we were in Marfa. Apparently the town is poppin’ on the weekends.


dive bar southwest road trip

Railroad Blues in Alpine, Texas, the closest town to Marfa.

Marfa, Texas

thunderbird hotel marfa texas

The Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa, Texas.


marfa texas horses


prada store marfa texas


marfa prada southwest road trip

There’s a decent chance you’ve seen pictures of this random ass Prada store outside of Marfa. Of course we had to check it out.

A Southwest Road Trip Ends

southwest road trip car wash

Saying goodbye to an adventure isn’t always easy but fuck it. As long as you enjoyed the ride, how can you complain?

Author: Eric White

Eric graduated Ohio University in 2012 with a degree in Advertising and immediately went out to San Diego, California to start not using his degree. At the start of 2013, Eric quit his job, let his lease run out and started backpacking North America. Eric has worked with Amtrak, Crowdtap, HootSuite and others, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA... when not on the road.

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