SituPlaylist: The All-Encompassing Summer 2014 Mix

Don’t look now, but summer 2014 is slowly on the fritz :(.  And what a summer it’s been– the World Cup, music festivals, road on road on roadtripsthis weird Kermit meme. We also welcomed loads, tons, shit-loads, and shit-tons of different ethereal musics being put out this season. I’ve been continuously curating a playlist with some of my favorite releases from around spring until present that really epitomize the summer vibe: nice. It’s a swell vibe to have.

If you’ve been paying attention this long (thank you), I prefaced this summer with a mixture of recent songs and all time faves for the breezy season. In doing so, I tried to touch on numerous genres– the pops, house, folk, indie, you name it– and it was my goal to bring diversification to the fold again without losing that palpable summer aura. This brings us to the newest edition of our SituPlaylist series: The All-Encompassing Summer 2014 Mix. OK, maybe it’s a stretch to label it ALL-encompassing– Iggy didn’t make this playlist ladies, although I do secretly fux with ‘Fancy’ …

There is no overlap with the aforementioned Summer Preface either; the following are all fresh tracks to the series. New gems were dug up along the way, whether it was beat-infused pop (Millionyoung, BlackbirdBlackbird, Slow Magic); silkier funkers (FKJ, Louis La Roche, Olympic Aryes); indie rockers (PAPA, People Get Ready, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes); dancefloor-ready beatmakers (Kygo, DJ Dodger Stadium, Hercules & Love Affair, Treasure Fingers). And I couldn’t quite muster a sunshine-themed mix without the likes of Star Slinger, ODESZA, and Goldroom.

kygo forecastle

We had fun to contagious beatmaker supreme Kygo at Forecastle Festival

I reckon I might sit on my rooftop and people watch with our song-yielding friends above. Or lay in a canoe with a 12 pack of  warm PBR and a portable speaker. I’m not even going to wear sunblock– it’s the end of summer, baby. Where’s cool sunglasses wearing emoji guy? Insert him here. Anyway, less talk, more tunes, so without further ado:



Author: Nick Battaglia

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