Swimming in the Tides of Change

I’m not a great swimmer by any means. Proficient at best. The problem is: I’m not a good floater. For whatever reason, since I was a kid… more of a sinker. Let’s hope that doesn’t apply, here. Phelps or not, most people enjoy swimming for its calming qualities as well as its physical benefits. Unlike most things, it can be both relaxing and taxing at the same time. I’ve been experiencing a steady influx of change lately, in many forms. While the circumstance is exactly what I had hoped for, I’m enjoying the twists and turns, they’ve not been navigated without challenge.

Since the last time I opened my mind’s trapdoor for Glass Duffle, I’ve been mostly away from home. Spending extended time in Miami, Sweden, Canton, Houston, San Diego, Cleveland, and Columbus in the last three months has left my body weary while expanded responsibilities at work and side projects that could form a polygon we didn’t learn about in school keep my mind active, sometimes to a detriment.

As I alluded to, this is all exactly as I had hoped and intended for. I recently relocated to Columbus, for starters, during the first days of November. In a Victorian Village apartment that I’ve covered in random artwork and area rugs, I again call my close friend, Miklos, a roommate. The “newness” associated with living in a new place isn’t a foreign concept for most of us. Living in and around Cleveland for most of my life, it was time to make a change. I was excited about the prospect of living within walking distance of concert venues downtown and just down the street from so many people dear to me. I wanted to be close enough to family in Canton and needed to be close enough to the office I’ve reported to for three years running.

Ah yes, work. I was incredibly grateful that my day-time employer was willing to entertain an unorthodox work schedule in terms of where my actual body was to be located on a daily basis. I’ve put some mileage on my car maintaining a presence in the Cleveland office while enjoying quiet days of working from home, so, at it’s core, the arrangement has worked well. I was able to relocate without the need to find new employment. Not intended to be a long-term solution, we’ll see what this year brings. I’ve just had to, reluctantly, become accustomed to sleeping less.

Not one full week after moving, I found myself on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation at the Desert Hearts Two Year Anniversary Festival. I was happy to have even a small hand in making your favorite videographer’s incredible vision for the event’s recap video come to fruition. Assisting Eric with timelapse set-up and data management, I had the time of my life in the mind-blowing vibe fest that is Desert Hearts. Following today’s theme, the fun in California was not had without battling a mental demon or five. On minutes of sleep, in painfully frigid temps, Desert Hearts was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done with a camera in my hands. I learned more than could ever be detailed here, about videography and about myself, in the process. The experience was one I’ll never forget, and one I am excited to relive, with added confidence and warmer hands, in March.

desert hearts two year anniversary festival


In the weeks I was afforded to settle into my new home, my brother graduated from college and we hosted a massive Christmas party in my new home. Unfortunately, the latter occurred on the night before the former. A Santa onsie was involved. My brother did the “Manziel Money Sign” across the stage at Kent State. At the time, I was supremely impressed and proud of his actions. After seeing Johnny and the Browns finish up the season, I feel less so.

The next surprise was an offer to travel to Sweden (pictured: Stockholm) with two managers that I’ve spent the past year or so hoping to win the approval of. The offer and resulting week in Scandinavia as well as opportunities in Houston and increased roles on a number of projects have opened new levels of potential for the future, in travel and professional growth, and in responsibility and workload. At the moment, I’m calling both sides of the coin and mostly winning. But there must come a time in one’s career where the give-and-take evens out, and equilibrium takes over. I’m in no hurry, but when is that?










This whirlwind was capped off with ten days in sunny Florida. Christmas on the beach, we called it. My brother and mother made great company as I worked the final days of the year from her home office and spent lunch hours by the pool. Considering the amount of snow I’ve seen in my life, having sand between my toes on December 25th was a welcome change.

Marco island Florida

I came home energized and refreshed. Feelings that were promptly neutralized with a two-day bender in Hocking Hills for New Year’s Eve. Like I said, relaxing and taxing. Such is life. Here’s to 2015 bringing more of the same.

Author: Wes R. Kasik

A life-long resident of Ohio, Wes relocated to sunny San Diego at the end of 2015 to find himself, challenge himself, freelance, and every other cliche a creative person could use as motivation to drive more than fifty hours across the country with their possesions perilously in tow. He has never been happier.

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